Top Ten Reasons to have KC Kosher Co-op

1. Easy – A consistent feedback we get from our Members is just how easy using the Co-op is. This is why we try to encourage folks to try the Co-op once as our experience shows this is all that is needed to show how smooth the process is -- from browsing products, to paying online or by mail, to our labor quickly loading your order into your car for you. We have tried to think of everything to make it a great experience!

2. Price – Kosher food is more expensive. When families create budgets, it can be difficult to find places to trim. KC Kosher Co-op helps families save money on food in two substantive ways:

a) Affordability – KC Kosher Co-op is cheaper than any other source of kosher food. That’s a gutsy claim! But if you fill up your cart at your local store or any other online kosher store and compare it to your cart on, you will find that while one or two products may be cheaper at the other source, KC Kosher Co-op averages about 30% cheaper cart to cart. And keep in mind that there are no delivery fees beyond the product prices -- if you’re in a city that taxes food, that is another 4% to 9% savings the Co-op can offer you.

b) Planned Purchases – For many people, walking into a local store creates impulse buying (that’s what the store wants). But purchasing from the Co-op allows you to strategize about what you are buying.

3. Variety – At any given time, KC Kosher Co-op offers over 5,000 kosher products (and another 4,000 for Passover) and we add about 50 new products every month. A local store cannot sustain this kind of variety so we are able to give our customers access to products that have never been available locally before. One of our great challenges we have designed the website around is how to have such an enormous set of kosher products, yet make the browsing and ordering process simple.

4. LOCAL Charity – When you buy from a typical online store (or often even local store), you get your product, but your community does not benefit financially. KC Kosher Co-op heavily donates to the cities we service—both through one-time opportunities (such as supporting events at local synagogues and/or dayschools), and on-going programs. Our current focus is our partnerships with nine (and growing) kosher food pantries (or Tomchei Shabbos) programs: organizations where we not only help get kosher food to those in need, but we also accept donations on behalf of those organizations, cover the payment processing fees, and on top of all that, we match every donation that comes in.

5. Customer Service – KC Kosher Co-op consistently scores extremely high in Customer Satisfaction. We frequently survey our Members and adjust based on feedback. We also monitor our email response times against our goal of replying to email (7am to 7pm) within an hour. Additionally, we stand behind every product we sell even if the supplier will not.

6. Help Local Kosher Stores – This one is difficult to understand, but nonetheless if your city has local kosher stores, the Co-op has been shown to actually help them! While kosher stores have closed around the country, as of the writing of this (2012), not a single kosher store has closed in a Co-op city since we started in it. Often quite the opposite, in many cities the stores have adjusted expanding their kosher sections, lowering prices, and offering more prepared foods. The irony of the Co-op is that not only do we bring lower prices, but we also cause positive change in local stores. All around the consumer ends up benefiting. As a related note, the Co-op does an analysis of each city before entering to ensure we are introducing healthy competition. If your city has only one kosher store, it is very unlikely that we will consider a Co-op as we value the need of a local store and feel our presence would be unhealthy. But if your city has none or multiple, please contact us and we will happily analyze your city for starting a Co-op.

7. Jewish Owned – While this may seem insignificant to many, to some it is relevant that KC Kosher Co-op is owned by two Observant Jews. Most local kosher offerings in America are no longer Jewish-owned.

8. Spreading Kosher – We have accounts from a few members that they have gone to a kosher kitchen because they feel they can now afford it. But more often we receive sweet notes from members such as Kollel families who say they can afford more guests at their Shabbat table due to a new-found ability to purchase more food.

9. Social – An accidental effect of KC Kosher Co-op facilitating Co-op Members splitting products with each other was the creation of a social scene. The Co-op brings together people who may have never met, often from different denominations, who want to split a certain Co-op item. Then there is the meeting at delivery to split the product/payment. We have been told of friends made over this unexpected social aspect of the Co-op!

10. References – Of course, the best recommendation would come from our Members! Call someone you know who keeps kosher in one of our cities and if they have used the Co-op, we are confident you will receive a glowing report.