Rokeach Neriot Refill Candles

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Q: Hi Bree, Are these the only refill candles you carry for the glass candle holders? I believe there is another brand called Neronim that might be a little better. Thanks, Linda

A: I have not used the Rokeach candles yet. I do not have any problems with Neronim as long as I put a drop (approx. a tablespoon) of water in the bottom before placing the candle in the holder.

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Customer Reviews

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Do not buy these! They don't stay lit and a lot of the wicks aren't attached so you lose a bunch of candles.

Posted by Tziporah Mazer on Jan 03, 2019

Each week at least one if not more go out before burning through.

Posted by Marcia Karon on May 10, 2015

They go out after 5-10 minutes. The neronim brand are far superior; I wish you still carried them.

Posted by Jacqueline Gindler on Nov 27, 2014

I like them. I find they burn cleaner than other brands.

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 23, 2008