Frozen David Elliot Chicken Cutlets - Boneless Skinless Breasts (2 breasts per poly bag) Variable Weight Product

$5.30/lb (~$158.98)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 15/2 lb
Ranked 2 in Breasts & Cutlets
Rated 3 reviews
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Q: Is this 24 bags of two or 24 pieces?

A: 24 bags of two each.

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As is said above, huge, 2 breasts per bag (about 2lbs. total) and I'll add fresh. These breasts must have been frozen right away. Often (oops) I'll cook/bake/fry them several days after they have been defrosted in the fridge. Maybe 5 days total (I don't reccomend this). They smell fine, sometimes a slight odor from the fat but perfectly fine. One other point: They come in a box, all the bags frozen together. I let them defrost slightly and pull them apart, one by one.

Posted by Michael Schatel on Dec 03, 2018

good, tasty Two cutlets per bag, but cutlets are HUGE/

Posted by Hadassa Frankenthal on Jul 16, 2018

super good

Posted by Beth Cox on Apr 13, 2017