Meal Mart Amazing Meal Beef Pepper Steak

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Case of 12/12 oz
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Q: I like to keep some "shelf stable" meals to use when we travel. Please advise HOW these meals are heated. Do they require a microwave? Thank you

A: I have found that using a microwave is the best way to heat Amazing Meals. Depending on the microwave, they take give-or-take 2 minutes to heat up. Note that a microwave used in some restaurants is much more powerful and can take even less time to heat. After or even as the product is heated, some times one hears a "pop" sound. The outside cardboard box may expand or even the interior covering plastic film may partially come off. Don't panic the product and microwave are fine. In a pinch I have heated them in an oven, but it takes longer and is a bit trickier kashrut-wise as one needs to maintain the double wrapping which is best handled in the microwave. I have not tried opening the product, removing the wrappers and just heating on a camping stove for example, but I see no reason it couldn't be managed. By the way, taking the plastic top off the heated meal can be difficult, so have a knife ready to aid the process.

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