Decor Plasticware Kiddush Cups with Trays (each set is one cup and one tray)

$67.51 ($2.81 / 5 sets)
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Case of 24/5 sets
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Q: What does this mean 24/5 sets? Is it 24 sets of cups with trays, or 5? The way it's written is very confusing.

A: Sounds like each pack comes with 5 cups/trays aka "sets" and the entire case is 24 boxes of 5 sets each

A: I think it means 24 sets containing 5 kiddush cups and give trays each. 120 sets is the way I understand it.

A: The picture is fairly clear. Each retail box has 5 sets of cups and saucers. The coop will sell you a case of 24 retail boxes. So you will get 120 cups and 120 saucers. At least that's what it looks like to me.

A: It is 24 packages of 5 cups and trays. Each cup holds 5 oz

A: I believe it is saying that each box has 5 sets and there are 24 boxes. I think there are 120 sets.

A: They come in a box with 24 little boxes, each little box has 5 sets, each set is one cup and one tray. That mean you can have 120 sets!.

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Q: How many ounces does the cup hold?

A: 5 oz

A: From what I can see on the picture of the box it says 5oz cups. This is my first time ordering these.

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Each cup holds 5oz

Posted by Meir Zimand on Mar 01, 2018