Frozen Empire Boneless Chicken Thighs Variable Weight Product

$7.94/lb (~$128.99)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 13/1.25 LB
Ranked 6 in Thighs
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Q: In picture the package states skinless, is it skinless or not? your description does not say skinless, just boneless. Please advice. I would like skinless and boneless.

A: Yes they are skinless as well!

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Customer Reviews

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I've really enjoyed these. They're good and so easy to just take a package out of the freezer and cook up! It's a nice change from the boneless breasts all the time.

Posted by Tamar Yellin on Aug 03, 2018

Yes, the thighs are skinless and very lovely. They are perfect for the grill too.

Posted by Joyce Zeldin on Jun 11, 2018