Frozen Private Label (OU) 2nd Cut Brisket (also called Point or Deckle) - Usually 5 pieces per bag (GRASS FED, bulk, Uruguay) Variable Weight Product

$5.84/lb (~$257.00)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 4/11 lb
Ranked 3 in Brisket & Corned Beef
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Q: Can you clarify the cut, is this the cut with the point? can you post a picture

A: It says in the description point (not flat). In reality, I have found the sizes and shapes to vary, some are longer like a deckel, some are more rectangular, like a flat. If you need something with a really even thickness, this is probably not for you. It's fine if you just want to braise it and serve it sliced.

A: Sorry I don't have a picture; the shapes can vary widely from package to package. Some are longer like a deckel and some more rectangular/triangular. If you need something with a consistent shape/thickness, this is not it. If you just want to braise and serve sliced, this is fine.

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We really enjoy this brisket, lots of fat making the meat moist and tender. Will definitely order again.

Posted by Misti Wilson on Jul 29, 2018