Frozen Private Label (OU and CHK) 1st Cut Brisket (also called the "Flat") - Now usually packed 1 brisket per vacuum sealed bag (GRASS FED, bulk, Uruguay) Variable Weight Product

$8.15/lb (~$391.25)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 8/6 lb
Ranked 2 in Brisket & Corned Beef
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Q: What do you know about the fat content of this meat?

A: It's first cut brisket so that the meat itself isn't fatty, as second cut is. It also has had very little fat on the meat.

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A: This is a great brisket; especially being grass-fed. The pieces are large; great for a crowd; but I usually cut some of them into smaller portions to accommodate the amount of people I will be serving. The fat content is good; as it is in my opinion the right amount for the size of brisket. My husband enjoys the brisket when I serve it so much that he literally has said "I know I shouldn't but I think I will have another piece"

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Customer Reviews

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Quality meat packed in smaller packages.

Posted by Marcia Karon on Nov 01, 2018

Not much fat no matter what I do comes out dry. Not good for chamin. But you can slice and shred it and it make ok tacos

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 01, 2018