Solomon's Deli Ground Beef Variable Weight Product

$5.29/lb (~$95.24)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 9/2 lb
Ranked 1 in Ground & Patties
Rated 2 reviews
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Questions & Answers

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Q: is this 80/20 or 90/10 fat?

A: Ground beef on the website is 80/20 unless otherwise stated.

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Q: is this ground? or patties?

A: It is ground. It is in a 2lb tube.

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Q: what are the hashgachas listed for this product?


A: The Solomon's ground beef is under NEW SQUARE, STEINMETZ, OU.

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Q: Does this come fresh or frozen.

A: Frozen and We like it't flavor.

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Q: is this kosher for passover?

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Q: Is this the same ground beef that came in the 6/b packages that cost $5.25?

A: Yes, this is the same ground beef, just different packaging.

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Customer Reviews

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Used to get fine beef from this brand. This batch had tiny bones and way too fat. Beef looked gray and to me that spells OLD. Sad to see vendors using this coop to get rid of their inventory.

Posted by Roman Kab on Nov 12, 2018

Kinda fatty

Posted by Tamar Luzon on Jun 14, 2018