Solomon's Deli Beef Pickled (Raw Corned Beef) Whole Brisket (one very large brisket, avg 15-24 lb) Variable Weight Product

$6.58/lb (~$98.67)
Availability: Excellent
1 Case/15 lb
Ranked 4 in Brisket & Corned Beef
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Q: Solomon's Deli Beef Pickled (Raw Corned Beef) Whole Brisket $6.53/lb (~$91.45) 1 Case/14 lb Re this item: How does this come? Is it one gigantic 14 lb corned beef brisket? Or is it several pieces totalling 14 lbs? Thanks in advance for answering!

A: 2 pieces totaling 14lbs...

A: Mine came in one big piece!

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Q: When you say "Beef Pickled (Raw Corned Beef) Whole Brisket", it's not already been pickled or prepared in anyway has it? I'm going to be barbecuing this so, if it's pickled that wouldn't be good. Also I would need some fat still on the brisket, has all the fat been trimmed off or is there still some present.

A: It's already pickled, but not yet cooked (you still have to boil and/or bake it). I don't think it would be good BBQ'd--buy regular brisket or other roast or steaks for that! The corned beef, like any brisket, definitely comes with fat still on it. I've ordered the corned beef/pickled brisket from KC Kosher before (not sure if it was this particular packaging) and I was very pleased with it. I didn't mind the large size, because I cooked for a crowd for YomTov. Everyone enjoyed it!

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