Frozen KJ Poultry Chicken Wings (Large, bagged) (4 bags per case) Variable Weight Product

$1.71/lb (~$34.22)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 4/5 lb
Rated 8 reviews
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The product was so disgusting looking and hairy totally not even worth the price tag. Spend a little more per lbs and get the David Elliot ones.

Posted by Michael Kipper on Aug 02, 2017

the last review was accidentally for the hot dogs. My bad! The wings are great, not too feathery and really meaty!

Posted by Rini Gonsher on May 26, 2017

Good flavor. Great for grilling pr wrapping in dough for appetizer bites. Love having so many on hand.

Posted by Rini Gonsher on May 25, 2017

There were random bones and small pieces of chicken that I couldn't identify. It was as if they put in chicken garbage. I'm not even talking about the feathers. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Posted by Judy Merlis on May 05, 2016

Product should have a disclaimer - "minimally processed." So many feathers!!

Posted by Anonymous on Jul 31, 2015

Great price for soup chicken.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2015

Wow they were a hit. Everyone loved them. the right size packaging for a crowd. Something different and good tasting. Very few leftover when it came to the wings.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 21, 2015

good chicken

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 21, 2015