Frozen KJ Poultry Chicken Cutlets - Boneless Skinless Breasts (bulk) Variable Weight Product

$4.69/lb (~$93.84)
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Case of 4/5 lb
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Q: Have you seen these? Can they be used grilled for chicken sandwiches? I'm sure they are random in size within each package, correct? Cathy Levin

A: They are a nice size. Just like the regular size boneless chicken breast.

A: They are pretty consistent in size and comparable in size to other packages of chicken breasts that I have used.

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Customer Reviews

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Though sold as bulk, each package was small enough to serve a family of 4-5. The quality was very good without fat or skin.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 08, 2018

For frozen chicken these are great. I agree, make sure to defrost in a bowl or another bag in case there is a small rip in the bag. Chicken tends to be very clean, only a small amount of tendon and other bits thrown away. We had this brand substituted for another that was not nearly as clean.

Posted by Stuart Akerman on Dec 26, 2017

The chicken is pretty good but the bags came ripped and the outsides were dirty. My freezer smells now, even though I put them all into ziploc bags. They are so jumbled and frozen together that it's impossible to defrost and seperate a few pieces.

Posted by Anonymous on May 25, 2017

Chicken is very good. Comes in a jumble in a large bag, so it takes a while to defrost. The bag is thin and tears easily, so place in a tupperware when defrosting.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 23, 2015