Frozen Solomon's Import (Glatt) Beef Bone-in Rib Eye (Mexico, Grass Fed, Institutional) Variable Weight Product

$8.43/lb (~$235.96)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 2/14 lb
Ranked 5 in Ribs & Steak
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Q: what does this mean export rib any relation to rib steak

A: This product is a 14 lb. bone-in roast. After slicing, the yield is 14 bone-in rib steaks. The description reads "import" because the product comes from Mexico.

A: I just got the steak Had I known I might not have ordered Time will tell They have to be cut as they are not cut separate

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Q: Does this cut come with an intact fat cap or is the fat butchered away before packing?

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Customer Reviews

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The hacksaw is not so good let it defrost at least over night or more till it gets soft and have a good sharp knife(butchers knife) be carefull and cut it and freeze it

Posted by Eli Brown on Aug 03, 2018

This is good steak just buy a butchers hack saw on amazon to cut it into pieces when frozen great price good deal

Posted by ELI Brown on May 17, 2018