Frozen Solomon's Import (Glatt) Beef 2nd Cut Brisket (also called the Point or Deckle) (2bag, Mexico, Grass Fed, Institutional) Variable Weight Product

$6.19/lb (~$204.11)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 3/11 lb
Ranked 2 in Brisket & Corned Beef
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Q: Will there be 7 bags or 7 briskets in this case?

A: I just received this item and want to clarify for others since I also thought there would be about 6 or 7 briskets in there in the weighing about 6 pounds each. What I received are 3 HUGE briskets that probably weigh around 13 or 14 pounds. If I had known this I would have not ordered it.

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Delicious brisket!

Posted by Shlomo Heching on May 14, 2017