Frozen Solomon's Import (Glatt) Beef Pepper Steak (steak strips, Mexico, Grass Fed, Institutional) Variable Weight Product

$6.92/lb (~$138.33)
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Case of 2/10 lb
Ranked 3 in Cubes & Strips
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Q: What kind of beef is it, is the description in wikipedia applies to it: ? Thank you!

A: Beef steak cut into strips for stir fry and other dishes.

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Q: does it come with all 10 lb frozen together in one bag, or in smaller individual bags? ie how can i split this?

A: It's all frozen together in one bag.

A: I believe that it was all in one bag and I let it partially defrost to seperate it and refroze in smaller portions.

A: Response from customer to co-op: While it does come frozen in one bag and looks at 1st like it's not sliced, it is sliced into strips. You'll need to let it thaw then divide it up. Meat can be thawed and frozen many times and be perfectly okay. We thawed it, rinsed it, and put into 2 lb. packages before re freezing it.

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Customer Reviews

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I divided it into 1lb packages and vacuum sealed it. Meat is a little tough but works well in stir fry.

Posted by Megan Brown on Dec 21, 2017

This was a well cut portion for multiple grilled steak recipes.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 21, 2015