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Empire Uncured Chicken Franks (hot dogs)

$34.52 ($2.88 / 16 oz)
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Case of 12/16 oz
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Q: What are the ingriedents?

A: Chicken, water, vinegar, salt, mustard, , lemon juice, sugar , onion powder, garlic powder, paprika.

A: There are no listed ingredients except the percentage of fat, etc. shown on the pictures. We have to assume it's all chicken.

A: It's all on a pictures for this product, nothing else you can find on the package.

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Customer Reviews

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my kids hated them they had as my daughter put it chunks inside. I ended up feeding them to the dog

Posted by Tamar Luzon on Apr 08, 2018

I like these, but my son got a mouthful of gristle with one bite so doesn’t want any more. I’d have given 2 1/2 stars based on split decision, but not a choice.

Posted by Marc Gault on Apr 05, 2018

I have a child who is allergic to nitrates, so I buy these. They are healthier than conventional hot dogs and taste good too, but if you are expecting the taste of a full fat beef hot dog, you will be disappointed.

Posted by Gail Mandelbaum on Feb 11, 2018

They aren't beef, but the taste is okay.

Posted by Anonymous on Jun 03, 2015