Frozen David Elliot Chicken in Eighths -- 3 lb (bulk, each chicken in a separate poly bag) Variable Weight Product

$2.59/lb (~$101.18)
Availability: Excellent
Case of 13/3 lb
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Q: What is the heckscher for the David Elliott chickens?

A: David Elliot is under the OU and CHK.

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Customer Reviews

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As expected, though occasionally there seems to be a excess fat. Each poly bag is a thin plastic, but seems to be adequate for freezer. It hold together well while defrosting.

Posted by Joan White on Apr 20, 2017

every package is missing one part. there are only 7 parts, not 8.

Posted by Anonymous on Apr 22, 2015

Chickens are really small. They have a bit of a funny smell to them, but they taste fine.

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 10, 2014